Q: How do you determine which senior care facilities we should consider?
A: We do an in-depth analysis to determine the type of care most suited to your needs. From this, we can tell you which kind of care is best for you. We then look at every facility in the geographic area you prefer that offers the services needed and we help you compare every aspect. Once we find several you are interested in, we then schedule tours, and can go with you if you wish. We have sources to compare each facility and can give a very detailed history of services, amenities, any complaints and or fines in the facility’s history.

Q: Where do you get the information about the facility?
A: We personally visit every facility, take detailed notes and enter the information into our content management system. This allows us not only to give an accounting of amenities, services, and logistic information, we get a feel for the personality of the facility, its staff as well as the residents. This helps us to better match you with an atmosphere that will be more to your taste.

Q: How often do you visit the facilities?
A: We are in and out of each community on a regular basis and know the personality of each facility. We help to find a place you can afford, where you’ll get the help you need, and where you’ll feel at home.

Q: How do you get paid for your services?
A: The facility to which we refer you pays our fees. Although there may be some facilities we don’t have under contract, we still refer to them, as it’s in the best interest of our clients. We are the ONLY FREE referral services in Kentucky and Pinellas County West Coast Florida that refers to all communities at no charge to our clients.

You are not alone! We’re here to help you find the perfect fit for your loved one!

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