Senior Driving Evaluation

I am also certified to assist families in Kentucky in evaluating their senior loved one’s driving capabilities. The certification I received is from Beyond Driving with Dignity.

This program was developed by a retired State Trooper who had seen so many deaths related to seniors who should not have been driving. He spent years creating a proactive program to assist families in this difficult decision. Elderly Driver Assessment Louisville KY

This self-assessment program for elderly drivers provides families with the missing link between their desire to bring this issue to a peaceful resolution, and their ability to actually do so. I am a certified professional who can help families address a very complex and sensitive family issue.

My goal with these driving evaluations for seniors is to allow the driver to make the decision to retire from driving, allowing them to keep their dignity and pride while making an important and many times a life-changing decision.

By administering an in-home “self-assessment” to the driver in question that uses exercises, tools and screenings and a driving observation component, I am able to help the senior driver make the appropriate driving related decision.

If retirement from driving is appropriate, the information gathered during the 3 hour assessment, is very helpful in demonstrating to the driver why they should, or should not continue driving. In most instances, when confronted with the data, the older driver comes to the conclusion on their own, that retirement is the appropriate choice.

I can identify those at higher risk for accidents and assist in facilitating retirement from driving or make recommendations for continued safe driving if appropriate.

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