I received a call from my Aunt saying that my Mom was in the hospital. The doctor said she could not go back to living alone in her apartment. Places you recommended were exactly as you described and she, who once worked in a nursing home and dreaded the thought of a home later in life, has said to me that she loves it. You made it possible for her to be happy and feel secure. Thank you for your loving care and devotion to others. I can only wish that it comes back to you tenfold.

– J. Marquis

Dear Patti,

Just wanted to give you a quick update on our mother and let you know how much we appreciate your help and guidance.

Mom has been at the community you chose for almost a week now. My sister has called daily for updates and all signs are she is really adapting well and seems to be doing great! We are extremely happy to know she is safe and being taken care of each and every day. As you can imagine the decision was one of the most difficult decisions our family has ever had to face. If it wasn’t for your confidence when you talked about your father I’m not sure we would have ever been able to make this decision. Thank you so much for your support and guidance, you will not be lost in our daily thoughts and prayers.

– John Duffy

Managing life when loved ones age can be challenging to say the least. My brothers and I were having a tough time with our father as he needed more than we could personally provide for him, yet he resisted our attempts to get the professional help necessary. Patti was a great resource and helped clarify the options. I would recommend anyone who starts down this road contact Senior Home Transitions and Patti early in the process as it will lead to a better result for all involved.

– Eric Hay

Thank you, Patti Naiser, for your help during this transition! I happily will provide a reference for any future folks you work with. I cannot begin to express how much you helped–not just in finding a “place” –but in finding a HOME for my mom!

– Sandi Keene

Frank Pascoe is one of the sweetest, kindest and most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met when it comes to answering questions about elder care! He met with my husband and me to go over all the options in regards to caring for our 88-year-old mother. He gave us such encouragement and hope during a time that we were stressed and overwhelmed with the decision making process. We highly recommend Frank Pascoe and Senior Home Transitions!!

– Mona Giordano

There is so much stress and need for finding assistance for a variety of life’s challenges for our elders. Frank Pascoe is the answer if you have a question and need help with what to do, where to go, how to care for your husband, brother, sister, wife, friend.. who cannot manage on their own anymore. His first priority is finding out what the family needs are. From there he will work tirelessly to find the right answer, the right place, the right support. His passion for helping others, his years and years of experience and knowledge, his upbeat loving personality makes him the number one choice for seniors in transition.

– Katherine Campbell

My wife has mid stage Alzheimer’s. I decided that I would just keep her home with me, and “skip” going to Assisted Living. It got to the point where my nerves couldn’t take it any longer. I was introduced to Patti Naiser by a friend. After working with her one day, I concluded that she knew more about Assisted Living in Louisville than I ever would be able to learn. She had been helping people find places for their loved ones for years.

I had two wonderful sons who love their Mother very much that sort of “had their guard up” about their 79-year-old Dad making an important decision like this. Patti came to my rescue, took over and convinced them about what we as a family team, should do.

We did it, and it has turned out very well for us. My wife, after her first month of “settling in” is very happy at Belmont Village.

– Rodney Dempsey

Patti is truly one of a kind in her industry! Her dedication and devotion to seniors is above and beyond and shows in everything she does! There’s no one else I would recommend to my family, friends or clients!

– Denise Wisdom

My Mom has lived with my family for the past seven years in an apartment in our basement. We had the house built specifically so we could keep her in the home with us as long as possible. When she moved in she was walking on her own and even driving, but over the years her health deteriorated. Even though we installed or purchased any device or aid we could, she was still not getting the care we felt she needed. She was also homebound and didn’t see many people other than us. We first tried in home care, but we decided that she really needed 24/7 care and that was going to be extremely costly for her and hard to manage with so many people coming and going from my house. That is when I turned to the internet for help and located Patti with Senior Home Transitions. As I have told her more than once, she has been a Godsend to us. She immediately went to work to find assisted living or personal care facilities that had openings. She coordinated visits with them and they actually came and picked up my Mom to go with us. This allowed my Mom to see how beautiful the facilities are and let her make the choice herself. Patti not only arranged all of this, but she went with us each time.

She has stayed in close contact with me about every detail, including things that had to do with helping my Mom in her current living situation until the move. She also served as my counselor when I was about to have a breakdown over the whole situation in the beginning. It isn’t easy to tell a parent they cannot live at home anymore, especially when they don’t understand that they now require more help than anyone anticipated when we built the home. I honestly believe that without Patti we couldn’t have gotten past some of the obstacles we ran into trying to find the right place for Mom. We are moving Mom into a community this weekend and Patti is still working her miracles. She has even offered to come visit my Mom while I am on a much needed vacation this summer. All of this and we have not paid her a dime. If you ask me you can’t put a price on what she offers, it comes from the heart. I would recommend her services to anyone who has a loved one that needs to find a new “home” and a new friend.

– Carla Eaton

There is a reason the phrase “words can’t express my gratitude” is so common and you are one of the prime reasons. My mother is 72 and has suffered from depression and anxiety for years. She has lived alone since my younger sister went to college in 1988. In 2007, she moved to Louisville, KY, to be close to her younger sister.

Last month, I received a call from my Aunt saying that my Mom was in the hospital. Like many other times, I thought it would be a 3-5 day trip and life would resume as normal. Not this time. This time, the doctor said she could not go back to living alone in her apartment. I live five hours north in a suburb of Chicago and my only other sibling lives in Seattle. Neither of us is very familiar with Louisville. Luckily, the hospital referred us to you.

Miraculously, as her discharge date approached you worked with us and we found a new home for her: an independent living situation in a senior community. It is almost incomprehensible, looking back on events, that it all happened so well in so little time. The places you recommended were exactly as you described. So much so that I would tell anyone they could place their parents without visiting the locations themselves. And she, who once worked in a nursing home and dreaded the thought of a home later in life, has said to me that she loves it and it makes her think of what it would be like to live on Michigan Avenue.

You made it possible for her to be happy and feel secure. Thank you for your loving care and devotion to others. I can only wish that it comes back to you tenfold.

Best Wishes and Eternal Thanks,

– JoAnn Maniquis

Mom doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on elder housing. Someone at a bank heard us talking about this and recommended Patti as a person who helps people find affordable housing for their parents. When we called Patti, she asked what the budget was. The next day Patti came back with a list if about 10 places with price information. One of them was a place that was perfect and Patti found they had a large, temporary (for 18 months) reduction in price. This meant Mom could afford it for the next year and a half. This excellent service was provided by Patti at no charge to us (Patti gets paid by the facility).

We are grateful we connected with Patti. We would not have found this great solution for Mom on our own. Thanks, Patti!

– K.C.

Words cannot express how grateful we are; when it became evident that my 95 & 96-year-old parents could no longer safely live in their own home, we contacted you. Despite the snowy, icy, miserable weather, you were ready and willing to meet with us. We didn’t know where to start; you answered every question we had and those we didn’t even know to ask.

You explained how my Dad’s mind was actually working as his dementia increased. All the pieces just fell into place as you told us; it made sense. You were able to push aside the guilt we felt and reinforce our decision. You listened to our ‘wants’ and needs and found the perfect place for them. They moved in today and I’m so relieved to know they will be safe. It will be a learning process for us as much as it is for them, but I’m confident it will work out.

– Peggy Sydoriak

My mother fell the first of the year and her need for assistance greatly increased.  When we made the decision to move her to an assisted living facility I was overwhelmed with the thought of how important this decision was.  I felt I was not qualified to make the best decision for my mother’s care.  I called Patti and she walked us through the process and helped me through each step to plan the move. Patti is a very caring person and my mother and I immediately felt comfortable that she was working in our best interest.

– Nancy S. Baker

Patti has worked with my 91-year-old Mother. Mom is still of sound mind but is not able to get around well and does need some assistance, but still wants to maintain her independence and have a say in what is going on.

Patti met with her and they got along great. Mom told her things we did not know. Which is a good thing. They were able to address some tough issues and she got Mom thinking about some things she just wanted to ignore.

We are going to trust Patti and her recommendations with Mom’s health and future care.

– Roger Winemiller

Dear Patti,

It is hard to believe that we actually have our mother living in memory care in a great facility. We had been agonizing over this for a long time and then it became undeniably clear that she reached the point where part time in home care was not enough. We were lost and did not have any experience in dealing with what type of care was available or how we would be able to get a 94-year-old woman to move out of her home into managed care. She is one of those who had told her family for years to never put her into a “home”.

Besides the emotional issues, the logistical, medical, legal and financial aspects seemed impossible to overcome. We felt alone and actually did not know how or where to begin. Then we found you–someone who had actually been through the same ordeal and would help guide us through the process. We immediately felt a sense of confidence as you helped us get started. You didn’t just make suggestions or give us information you actually lived this with us–going to different facilities asking the right questions and then giving us your insights. I was so glad you were there the day we took our mother to look at a memory care facility. She was scared and wanted to leave. It was you that sized up the situation and told us to assure her we were not leaving her there. This really calmed her down and she actually loosened up and relaxed and had a nice talk with you and the staff while my brother and I were out of the room.

Having lived through this with your father you know the immense relief we are feeling. Early reports indicate that she is adjusting well. While her quality of life has taken a turn for the better we are looking ahead to the time when she will no longer be able to stay in memory care. Thank you for helping us arrange for nursing home care in the future when it is needed due to her mental/physical and financial situations. You think of everything.

There are many mission and ministry opportunities in the world and we are so thankful that God selected you for this one. You have been a great blessing to us and words cannot convey the gratitude we feel. May He continue to bless you as you help others take care of their loved ones in need.

With highest regards,

– Ken Kennedy

My mother and I worked with Joy Tabler and within 4 days we had found the perfect place for my mother to move.  And we never would have looked or considered this place if it hadn’t been for Joy.  I shudder when I think of where my mother might have wound up if it was just her and I doing the looking and choosing.

She has also been a great resource for everything else surrounding the move.  I can’t recommend Joy and Senior Home Transitions highly enough.

– Todd Lewis

Senior Home Transitions truly was a God send.  At one of the most stressful times in our lives Patti Naiser reassured us and found the best possible placement for my mother in law.  I was amazed at how quickly all phone calls were returned.  Patty was right there with us every step of the way and answered every single concern and question.  If you are looking for guidance and placement I highly recommend!

– Melissa Davis

Patti was extremely helpful, she spoke with my wife and I regarding my mother-in-laws needs and wishes, she took the time to go over her budget and informed us of additional benefits she was able to received from the VA.  She helped us avoid spinning our wheels by visiting locations that were not appropriate, and allowed us to focus on the few place that fit us.

– Scott Wienhusen

Patti thank you so very much for all that you have done for me and my family. When it felt like there was absolutely no hope and no more options for us to get my mother placed in a care facility you was able to come in like a guardian angel.


After months and months of hitting brick walls and dead ends we was able to get my mother placed not only in just a care facility but A very good care facility that is structured for her special needs.


If anyone out there needs help with senior placement please stop struggling and contact Senior Home Transitions I promise you will be very glad that you did.

– Troy Inman

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