Am I eligible for VA Aid and Attendance Benefits to help pay for care or assisted living?

Am I eligible for VA Aid and Attendance Benefits to help pay for care or assisted living?

The VA Aid and Attendance Benefit is available to veterans and their surviving spouses if the veteran served at least 90 days active duty, one day during wartime. They could have served anywhere, not necessarily at the place of war, just during that time.

If the person needing the benefit is a surviving spouse, they qualify if there was not a divorce or marriage after the death of the veteran.

There are financial considerations to be met also. The VA pays if your total income is used for your care. They look at assets, but as of today, there is no look back period so you can protect assets to qualify. Elder law attorneys who specialize in this should be consulted. If you are getting benefits for in-home care, be sure to protect the home, in case you need to make a move to assisted living and need the proceeds from the sale of the home to help pay for your care. If you apply for benefits and the home is listed, the VA will require you to spend those assets before they will pay for the assisted living care. Most Elder law attorneys have a free consultation for your first visit, so it’s best to make sure everything is being done properly.

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