After helping her godmother with the many stages of Senior Living, and watching her grandmother live with Dementia for 12 years, Jeanine took an interest in helping people navigate Senior Home placements. Then, after a loved one’s near fatal fall down the steps, she struggled with researching facilities and finding the best fit while under the time duress of a hospital discharge. Fortunately, Jeanine found an wonderful place for her loved one. Since his placement, he has thrived and enjoyed the social interaction, meals and activities. Realizing that many people experience this crisis scenario, she joined the Senior Home Transitions team to help others with the process.

Jeanine loves to work with people and listen to their concerns. She’s a problem solver with empathy for the physical and emotional needs of the community. Jeanine is ready to sit down and to help you and your loved ones find the best option for thriving well into the future. Her goal is to work alongside you to discover the optimal living environment- she is ready to listen and eager to serve you!

You are not alone! We’re here to help you find the perfect fit for your loved one!