Joan became aware of a how no one talks about the needs of families and loved ones as they face transitions when her family dealt with the decline of a loved one. She felt the significant burden faced by families attempting to care for their loved ones as they face the beginning stages of dementia, declining ability to take care of themselves, and other struggles, when faced with these for her own family members. Joan realized that there were too few people out there to help with these difficult decisions. Searching for knowledgeable resources to help her family make the many life-altering decisions was overwhelming. Her family struggled with finding the care level needed at each turn in their journey. Joan’s background training is a clinical psychologist, while that background may be somewhat helpful in assisting in making recommendations (although I will not be providing psychological services). Joan was excited to join the Senior Home Transitions team to assist others in finding the best fit for their loved one. Finding a good fit to meet everyone’s needs for a satisfying transition during times of need is possible with the right knowledge. A good fit can mean finding a positive environment for loved ones to grow and find meaning in their lives. Let Joan help your family navigate these challenging times.

You are not alone! We’re here to help you find the perfect fit for your loved one!