There are many companies offering services to seniors for their care needs so we wanted to break down what is offered and what it means to your pocket book!

There are elder law firms and other “certified life care planning” firms that offer this service at a hefty price. Be aware, these services may also be available for free by a multitude of agencies.

Law firms can charge upwards of $6000 for Medicaid Planning to help families preserve assets in the event, that Medicaid Nursing home placement is necessary. These services can include estate planning; i.e. wills, Power of Attorney designation, Health Advocacy designation, etc. This can be extremely beneficial especially in the case of a couple, where one spouse needs nursing care and the other is at home or in assisted living. Helping the spouse save funds that may be needed for his/her care in the future would be an important step. For an additional fee, again upwards of $6000, they offer to have a social worker help you find placement, whether in assisted living or a nursing home, they will visit that facility monthly to make sure care needs are adequately met.

We question the cost efficiency of the Life Care Planning provided by these companies. When in a situation where a family is looking for placement in some form of assisted living, personal care or memory care, if that Life Care firm places you in a community where care is excellent, there should be no need for their monthly follow up or advocacy, so therein lies the rub. Why would they introduce you to a community where quality of care requires a second set of eyes? Placement done properly should not require this. Yes, if you are in a Medicaid bed in a nursing home, it is very beneficial to have an outside medical professional advocating for proper care. But some of these services are available by other organizations. In this case, I am an advocate of Hosparus Health.

Hosparus Health offers supportive services for patients and families in their care. What most people don’t realize is you don’t have to be near death to utilize their services. If you have a chronic condition, their Palliative Care program can help you better manage your condition, giving you the most comfort and best quality of life while receiving life saving treatments. They have a social worker available who will to assist with care coordination, appointments, equipment needs and other community resources. They offer have MD/nurse practitioner visits and coordinate with your physician to better manage chronic issues. Hosparus Health provides 24/7 Telephone nursing support, CNA visits and even provides Chaplains to help with spiritual guidance. Yes, you have to be a patient of Hosparus Health to get the whole menu of services, but if you just need some guidance, Hosparus Health staff will help guide you to the right resources whether you are a patient or not. Hosparus Health offers so much more than just hospice care. See details here:

Senior Home Transitions works in conjunction with elder law firms and Hosparus Health to offer the same services as Life Care Planing firms, with no big price tag. We assess finances, care needs and help you find the proper level of care that will not break the bank, and we work with Hosparus Health if you have a chronic condition that needs better management. Senior Home Transitions can advise you through every phase of aging to make sure your health, comfort and quality of life are the best they can be. All at no charge.

So be sure to educate yourself on the options available to you.