This is an intro to a series on Memory Care.

Topics covered include:
* Dementia – Maybe it’s time to consider an assisted living or memory care?
* Memory Care Placement – Evaluating a Memory Care Facility
* Homecare – Activites for Home Care Assistance



About Senior Home Transitions

I recently did the math, and we’ve helped more than 500 families find the right situation for their senior loved one! What a legacy…I have a wall of thank you notes from families who were overwhelmed by the process of finding assisted living or memory care for their loved one. Many of whom had an unwilling senior as well. Finding the right situation and preparing a plan for the move takes knowledge and creativity. I recently helped place a little lady into memory care. She’s very high functioning and her daughter wanted her agreement which is very difficult, since reasoning is usually gone or at least on its way out with dementia patients.

But I always ask alot of questions and found out this particular lady loves baseball. Because I’m in and out of facilities daily, I knew of a community where a couple lived, whose son was a professional baseball player! So the daughter visited, thought it was wonderful, and when she told her mom about the couple and their son, mom not only went willingly, she was excited!

Creating a Happy Ending is what we’re all about! Senior Home Transitions with Patti Naiser and Joy Tabler is referred to by more healthcare professionals (and used by them for their own families!) than any other referral service. Our knowledge of the market, communities and how to make a smooth transition is unsurpassed.

Our services are FREE! Call us if you need help with placement or just need advice for caring for a senior loved one!

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Thank you. Hope this helps.