musicAs most who work with seniors suffering from dementia know, music can be used to soothe and at times bring a reaction from almost catatonic patients. I recently watched a documentary on dementia patients and how music specific to their listening habits during youth can bring them back to life!

I was astonished. It was heartwarming watching these seniors brighten up! One gentleman, Henry, sat with his head lowered and barely grunted in response to questions. When they put earphones on him that were playing the music he loved as a younger man, he sat up, his eyes opened and he started singing. After just a few minutes, they removed the earphones and began a conversation with him. Amazing!  The music had allowed them to reach a part of him that had been shut off.

It begs the question, shouldn’t we try this with everyone suffering from dementia? Why not? All that is required is an Ipod with earphones and a list of music from a family member. It could mean an incredible difference in someone’s life.

You can watch the full documentary here. Or you can view this excerpt about Henry (also embedded below). You’ll be amazed!