You might think that once your basic needs are taken care of, you’re done. However, while you might have decided on a great place for the short term, what if it doesn’t have activities that will keep you active and enjoying life for the rest of the ride?

Senior Living Activities

Many people don’t take the time to consider what senior living activities the community offers. Some communities offer happy hour, for example. Some have it every day, some every week, but some don’t have it at all. Some have regular outings to the theater and dining out, others don’t. These kinds of activities and events aren’t always easy to get information on from the outside. This is yet another perk towards using a local referral service. You can get the inside scoop about the type of social activities or events that each senior community offers. This can really help narrow down your search and put you that much closer towards the perfect place to live.

For a little more perspective…

Senior Living Activities Louisville KYPatti Naiser shared a moving story about one of her clients, a 95 year old woman who was on oxygen and living alone. After all those years under her belt doing just fine, one day she left her apartment and the tubing got caught as she got into the elevator. Scared to death, she never wanted to leave her apartment again. Her daughter ended up bringing her everything she needed to the apartment for the next two years. Eventually, the daughter had enough. Tired of seeing her living this way, she decided to talk to her mother about moving into a senior living community. That’s when they came to Patti.

She was quite obstinate initially, telling Patti she just liked to watch TV and read. But after a little pulling, Patti was able to find out that she really enjoyed playing cards. Texas Hold ‘Em, in fact. Patti ended up finding two communities which had a first floor apartment AND a Texas Hold ‘Em group playing 4 games a week. When she found out they had something that she really wanted, it totally changed her view and she actually ended up wanting to go ahead and move into the temporary unit, until they could get her stuff in!

Now here’s a woman who was initially averse to the idea, and now she couldn’t wait to move in. It’s easy to see how the availability of preferred activities can really make or break a decision.

One thing we see over and over is that seniors get very busy in the business of existing and forget they still have a lot of life left in them! They tire themselves with the mundane tasks of daily living. In senior living, they can get help so that their energy is used doing fun things they enjoy!

Personality of the residents combined with senior living activities that appeal to an individual is crucial to finding a good fit. Senior living communities all have a different feel, and aren’t a good fit for everyone. Let us help you find the perfect solution for your needs, and start enjoying living again!