There are many things to consider when choosing an appropriate Senior Living facility. Fortunately, we have many fine options for Senior Living in Louisville, Kentucky. However, what’s best for some individuals, may not be  for others. Therefore, it’s nice to have some inside knowledge.

After all, this time can be overwhelming.  If you are a child of a senior, you probably have added some responsibilities to the myriad of others in your life. Be it your parent’s healthcare needs, helping them move or assisting with day-to-day items they can no longer handle. Now comes the added pressure of finding the right place for them to enjoy their final years and to be cared for properly.

That’s why finding a qualified person to assist you is so important. Someone who understands the proper questions to ask, who knows the ins and outs. One who has intricate knowledge of our community and facilities, and what the current “population” is like. There are ebbs and flows that the novice just can’t identify. You can be in the hands of someone who can shepherd you through this trying time. It will bring you peace of mind and relieve you of one more item of stress.

“Sounds great,” you say. “But what’s it cost?” That’s the beauty of this – Senior Home Transitions doesn’t charge you a thing and we have no exclusive arrangements with a specific facility. In other words, you get FREE advice from someone who has no bias. Our advice is based on the unique set of issues facing your parent. How refreshing!

Now, it’s important to note, there are some national companies who claim to offer what’s been described above. But they don’t live here in Louisville. They don’t inspect every single facility. They don’t have close relationships and aren’t privy to recent developments. In some ways, they are flying blind and only driven for the commission.

So when you are ready to begin the process, do yourself a favor and setup a meeting with Senior Home Transitions. It won’t take long and, in the end, will save you ample time and money as you find the best place for your loved one.