Personal Senior Care for Elderly Patients in Louisville, KYSenior personal care living is not a nursing home for those who are recovering from a serious surgery or illness, nor is it an independent living community for those who can do just about everything on their own, it’s in between.

Personal care facilities are perfect for those that may need a little extra help with day to day activities while having the peace of mind knowing that there is help available 24 hours a day.

Personal Care Homes

Personal care is exactly that: care that is actually personal.

It’s about providing medical supervision in a home-like atmosphere. This type of senior care provides daily assistance for bathing, dressing, feeding, or other individual needs with a 24 hour licensed nursing staff on site at all times.

Senior personal care living facilities are licensed by the state of Kentucky and have specific regulations and nursing care requirements. Personal care living facilities are designed to take care of each Louisville resident’s unique needs while maintaining individual freedoms.

When is it time to consider moving into a senior living facility?

We all want our loved ones to be safe, comfortable, and taken care of. Even well-meaning family members and spouses are often ill-equipped to give their spouses or parents the senior care they need.

If your mother, father, or grandparent has declining health, go through this checklist to see if it might be time to look into personal care home options.

  1. Physical health: does your loved one go to the doctor regularly on their own? Are they taking longer to recover from a fall or infection? Chronic problems like COPD or heart failure will often get worse over time, and more frequent care helps to maintain a quality standard of living.
  2. Emotional health: is your loved one becoming more confused? Angry? Overly flustered with little annoyances? Are they lacking social connections and spending most of their time isolated? Senior personal care can alleviate emotional decline as well as physical activity by keeping them socially active.
  3. Accidents: accidents can happen to anyone, but if your loved one is having repeat accidents, falls, or injuries, it might be time for extra help.
  4. Daily activities: does your mother still cook like she used to? Does she have trouble getting dressed? The six main activities of daily living are: Bathing, Toileting, Dressing, Feeding, Transferring, Continence. When someone has trouble with 2 or more activities, senior personal care living facilities can help them get the help they need to live the life they want.
  5. Weight loss: give your loved one a big hug every time you see them. If they are feeling thinner, or their clothes are baggier, check their cupboards for sufficient food. If they are eating stale, expired, or minimal food it might be time to give them a home with a full meal service provided in personal care living facilities.
  6. Home environment: is there increasing piles of mail, bills, newspaper, laundry, or clutter around the house? Sometimes everyday activities like bringing in a newspaper becomes too much for elderly residents to manage.
  7. Plants and pets: pay attention to plants, pets, or other living things for signs of neglect. Especially if your father loves his plants, or your mother loves her cat, neglect in these areas usually mean they are neglecting their own health as well and it might be time for extra help. Some personal care facilities may allow residents to bring their own pets and plants with them.
  8. How are you? As a caregiver, are you finding it difficult to juggle your own life with the needs of your loved ones? Are you exhausted, fatigued, irritated, or overwhelmed? Sometimes the best thing to do is give them access to professional care so you can take care of yourself.

Professional Assistance for Residents in Senior Care Nursing Homes

Senior personal care homes give more day-to-day assistance than other types of retirement facilities.

The employees are professionally trained to help with all activities of daily living, as well as providing a full schedule of activities, social events, increased security, and transportation services.

Any individual who is no longer able to function in the home on an everyday basis without assistance or has limitations caused by a cognitive impairment, may look to receiving care in a memory care facility.

The costs associated with personal care are less than those for more intensive care provided in a skilled nursing home. The lower the need for assistance, the lower the cost.

Talking with Your Loved One About Moving into a Personal Care Home

While quality senior personal care facilities are designed to provide the elderly the assistance they need so they can function better in their golden years, but it can still be difficult to convince parents or grandparents that they need the help.

Talk about it before it becomes a crisis situation which leaves confused elders, disorganized caregivers and a family in chaos. Discuss options nearby, drive past or visit facilities in your area to get an idea of what is available. Check with insurance to determine what costs are covered, and make sure the siblings and family members are on the same page.

It can be difficult to approach the subject with aging parents who refuse to leave their Louisville home. While there is no magic strategy to make this transition easier, it is always a good idea to discuss earlier rather than waiting until it’s too late.

Ask your aging loved ones to “indulge” you by visiting a facility nearby. Some facilities in Louisville even offer short-term stays for a few days to let people “try before they buy.”

Available Services and Amenities

A senior personal care community provides a comfortable homelike atmosphere with services and amenities to maintain the individual personality, preferences, and needs of each accomplished resident. Common services may include:

  • 24-hour nursing care and medication administration
  • Registered dietician, special diets & three meals daily
  • Rehabilitation therapies and ancillary health services
  • Daily assistance with bathing, dressing and transferring
  • Transportation for medical appointments
  • Scheduled social activities
  • Bed/bath linen service
  • Beauty & barber services
  • 3 meals per day and snacks made available
  • Security

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