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Meet Our Team

Patti Naiser

Senior Living Placement Consultant
Kentucky & Southern Indiana area

Jennifer Henderson

Senior Living Placement Consultant
Kentucky & Southern Indiana area

Frank Pascoe - Senior Living Placement Assistance Services Tampa Bay, FL

Frank L. Pascoe

Senior Living Placement Consultant
Tampa Bay, FL area

Megan Naiser

Senior Living Placement Consultant
Nashville, TN area

“My wife has mid stage Alzheimer’s. I decided that I would just keep her home with me, and “skip” going to Assisted Living. It got to the point where my nerves couldn’t take it any longer. I was introduced to Patti Naiser by a friend. After working with her one day, I concluded that she knew more about Assisted Living in Louisville than I ever would be able to learn. She had been helping people find places for their loved ones for years.

I had two wonderful sons who love their Mother very much that sort of “had their guard up” about their 79-year-old Dad making an important decision like this. Patti came to my rescue, took over and convinced them about what we as a family team, should do.

We did it, and it has turned out very well for us. My wife, after her first month of “settling in” is very happy at Belmont Village.”

– Rodney Dempsey