Deciding which type of senior care is best for your loved one can be difficult. Their exact needs and preferences will dictate what level of care they need and what facility will be the best option. Knowing the different types of living facilities and what all they can offer is a great start to finding the best place for your elderly loved one.

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There are basically five types of senior living communities: Independent LivingAssisted LivingPersonal CareMemory Care, and Skilled Nursing Care.

It can be a daunting task trying to determine which level of care is best for you and which communities offer each service. We can help you evaluate which level of care you need and which communities fit those needs as well as your budget. At no charge to you!

As your loved ones get older, we know you want the very best for them.

But sometimes, caring for elderly parents or grandparents can become a full-time job.

That’s where we come in.

We provide free consultations to give you a variety of senior living facilities in the Louisville, KY area for keeping your loved ones safe, healthy, and happy. Every individual has unique concerns, personal preferences, and necessary medical care.

Our free placement services help to find what type of senior living works best for you and your family.

We can provide options for everything from completely independent senior living to a comfortable home with around-the-clock medical care. We can help you figure out the assisted living costs as well as how to pay for assisted living. We provide you with the answers you are searching for to find unique and personal solutions everyone can be comfortable with.

Independent Living

Types of Senior Living - Retirement Homes in Louisville, KY

The goal of independent senior living is to give you the freedom to live on your own with the comfort of knowing you will be taken care of when when you need it.

Independent living is for seniors who are active, independent, and looking forward to enjoying the best of retirement with a maintenance-free lifestyle.

  • Community: Independent senior living looks and feels like a regular apartment, condo, or single-family home with a neighborhood feel. Most of our communities have 20-60 units surrounding with others nearby in a similar phase of life to socialize with.
  • Amenities: Many of our communities are in beautiful locations with natural attractions. Other amenities may include gardens, walking paths, shops, café, weekly activities, a wellness center, or a swimming pool.
  • Location: We have locations all around the Louisville, KY area to keep you close to family and friends. Each location has unique amenities and beautiful landscapes, and provides transportation to nearby shops, pharmacies, restaurants and movies.
  • Costs: We work hard to find communities that are affordable so you can maintain your financial security. Most communities offers payment plan options and provide discounted health care, tax deductions and asset/estate preservation.
  • Services: Additional services available from many independent senior living facilities include restaurant-quality dining, landscaping care, health services, transportation, housekeeping, and evening security.

Independent living might be a good choice for those seniors who:

  1. Are looking for a place to live that requires little or no maintenance and yard work.
  2. Enjoy socializing with peers and broadening your social network.
  3. Enjoy activities and meals with friends.
  4. Are able to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle on their own.
  5. May need a little extra help every now and then but can be independently complete most everyday tasks.

Assisted Living

Types of Senior Living - Assisted Living and Elder Care Communities in Louisville, KY

Assisted living provides daily care in a comfortable environment for those who are no longer able to live on their own safely.

In an assisted living facility, residents can maintain some independence while getting the personal care support services such as meals, bathing, dressing, and medication management.

  • Community: Our assisted living communities are in beautiful locations and arranged similar to an apartment or condominium building with private rooms and spacious living areas.
  • Amenities: We look for a community that is comfortable and enjoyable for your elderly loved one with tailored personal care. Many provide beautiful grounds, gardens, walking paths, and a full schedule of daily activities for all residents to enjoy.
  • Location: We have locations across the Louisville, KY area to keep you close to family and friends. Each location has unique amenities and beautiful landscapes, and provides transportation to nearby shops, pharmacies, restaurants and movies.
  • Costs: We strive to find options that provide quality care within your budget. The prices vary by community and location, but our senior living advisors can help find a payment plan that you are comfortable with.
  • Services: Assisted living services can vary from community to community due to state licensing and regulation requirements, but assisted living services typically include: personal grooming assistance, such as bathing and getting dressed, help with medications, incontinence, bed and chair transfers, 24-hour medical care, activities, meals, transportation, and security. They also provide general housekeeping, personal laundry service, and social events.

Assisted living might be a good choice for those seniors who:

  1. Have trouble with personal grooming like bathing and dressing
  2. Need help managing and taking their medication
  3. Have trouble getting in and out of bed
  4. Experience declining mobility or unexplained bruising

Personal Care

Types of Senior Living - Personal Care Options in Louisville KY

Personal Care communities offer the same social environment and services as assisted living, but with the added benefit of a licensed medical staff.

Personal care provides assistance with activities of daily living including bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting and eating while also providing medication administration and nursing care within the facility without traveling to a hospital or doctor’s office.

  • Community: The personal care communities are comfortable, safe, and beautiful. Shared or private rooms are available with a common household feel and space for loved ones to visit.
  • Amenities: Each community is different and provides various amenities including beautiful landscapes, gardens, walking paths, and a full-schedule of daily activities.
  • Location: We work with many facilities in Louisville, KY, and the surrounding areas to keep you close to family and friends. Each location has unique amenities and services based on licensing and state requirements.
  • Costs: As with each of our senior living facilities, the prices vary by community and location. Our personal senior living advisors work to help find the help you need within your budget.
  • Services: Personal care services can vary due to state licensing and regulation requirements, most senior living facilities will typically include: personal hygiene services, medication management, incontinence assistance, bed and chair transfers, licensed nursing staff, healthy meal options, transportation, and increased security.

Personal care facilities might be a good choice for those seniors who:

  1. Have trouble with personal grooming like bathing and dressing
  2. Need help managing and taking their medication
  3. May have declining health issues
  4. Prefer to live in a home with a licensed medical staff on the premise at all times.

Memory Care

Types of Senior Living - Memory Care for Alzheimer’s and Dementia in Louisville KY

For those who suffer from the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia, maintaining identity and a strong sense of self is important.

Memory care communities provide care that allows each resident to live a life filled with meaning and purpose. They preserve the dignity, skills, and interests of your loved one so they can live an optimum life.

  • Community: In the Louisville area, many memory care communities are often designed as a specialized section of a larger senior living facility. This contributes to feelings of acceptance, well-being, and purpose for each resident. Each community consists of a small cluster of apartments with dedicated full-time staff specially trained to assist people with dementia or impaired cognition to take care of their individual needs.
  • Amenities: Generally, the amenities are similar to that of an assisted living and personal care facility. Each facility has planned activities, outings, perhaps a library, soda fountain, and spacious courtyard and garden areas.
  • Location: We work hard to find senior living facilities that are within reasonable distance from close family and friends so each resident can maintain relationships with those closest to them. Each location is chosen carefully based on individual needs.
  • Costs: A memory care facility may be slightly more expensive than typical assisted living due to the increased staff requirements. However, some Medicaid or private insurance plans may be able to help with the cost.
  • Services: Our network of senior living facilities all have unique services specialized for memory care including 24-hour nursing care and 24-hour personal assistance. Meals prepared by a registered dietitian, rehabilitation therapies, ancillary health services, activities and outings with transportation, chapel services, counseling, and full-time maintenance staff are also available.

Memory care facilities might be a good choice for those who:

  1. Experience weight loss or a decline in personal hygiene habits
  2. Have worsening memory loss or other debilitating symptoms
  3. Have disorientation of place or time
  4. Exhibiting poor judgment, personality changes, or loss of motivation
  5. Struggle with language and speech

Skilled Care

Types of Senior Living - Skilled Care Nursing Homes for Senior Patients in Louisville KY

Skilled care brings the advanced medical resources you get from a hospital to a more home-like setting.

Referred to typically as “nursing homes“, skilled care is a good choice for those who have more specialized medical needs such as a respiratory illness, Parkinson’s disease, effects of a stroke, or after joint replacement surgery.

Skilled care is often for intermediate care, and is not always permanently necessary, in which the patient or resident needs more assistance than usual, generally from licensed nursing personnel and certified nursing assistants.

  • Community: Skilled care communities are designed to meet the individual medical needs of each resident. There are private or semi-private rooms available in a beautiful and peaceful environment that provides all of the amenities of a hospital while allowing each resident to feel more at home.
  • Amenities: Each community is designed to be comfortable and peaceful with beautiful surroundings and comfortable amenities to help each patient feel more at home. In addition, each facility is fully stocked with medical equipment, oxygen machines, electronic beds, and in-unit pharmacies to cater to each resident’s needs with a licensed physician and nurse on the premise at all times.
  • Location: We maintain a network of skilled senior living facilities in the Louisville, KY area to find a location that is close to family and friends and provides the care you need.
  • Costs: The cost of skilled nursing varies on whether your stay is short-term or long-term. For short-term care, most private insurance or Medicare will cover the cost. Long term rates depend on the location and type of room.
  • Services: Each community provides all of the medical care services that the patient require including physicians, nursing staff, pain management, and both physical and occupational therapists. In addition to medical care, services often include meals, activities, transportation, housekeeping and laundry services, social activities and personal assistance.

When is it time?

No one wants to move from their Louisville home into a senior living community. It’s a difficult transition. Deciding when and where is a difficult process.

There are common signs to look for that indicate a deterioration of health and quality of life. These indications suggest that it might be time to look into a senior living or personal care facility.

  • Declining attention to personal hygiene
  • Unsafe driving
  • Unkempt living area
  • Inability to manage medications
  • Declining mobility
  • Unexplained bruises
  • Too little food available or food is beyond the expiration date
  • Declining appetite
  • Neglecting finances
  • Reduced ability to communicate
  • Memory impairment
  • Depression

Having a discussion with your parent or elderly loved one above moving to a senior living community is a hard conversation to have.

Before you discuss it, do your research and be prepared with a few options. We provide free no-obligation consultation to find senior living facilities in the Louisville, KY area that meet your needs and your budget.

Noble and dedicated caregivers do their best to care for loved ones, but often you may not have the resources or expertise your parents or spouse require. Providing your loved one with the attention, care, and expertise they need during their final years is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

We’re available to help pick what type of senior living facility is best for you and your loved one’s needs. Get in touch with us today to get started!