Patti Naiser - Senior Living Placement Consultant Louisville KYOur Founder’s Journey

My father, a very proud independent man, began to show signs of dementia and beginning stages of Alzheimer’s. Dad became increasingly forgetful, wasn’t eating right, was losing weight and wore dirty clothes. We worried about him constantly. He fell in his home several times, requiring stitches and quite a few trips to the E.R. He even admitted blacking out after one fall that we only heard about days later.

He would not consider assisted living. Then, our fears were realized when he fell, broke a hip, and laid there for over 10 hours before he was discovered.

The reality of his situation was finally clear to him. While in rehab, he agreed to allow us to find him a safe place to live, where he could be properly cared for.

We found that there were several options based on his needs and financial capability. Because we all worked, it was difficult to find time to visit them all. It was also very confusing, as the different facilities used different terms, requiring us all to become quite educated with the senior care world.

I ended up doing what most people would do and contacting a couple of resources I found searching online. However they simply asked a few questions, sent me a list of a few facilities, sold my name to every community in town they had a contract with and said they’d follow up in a week. Not exactly the help I was looking for. It was then I decided that this service was something that was absolutely needed.

The thought occurred to me, what about the seniors who don’t have family here in town? How do they find the perfect place? It was confusing enough for me, how confused must they get! I couldn’t imagine my father navigating all of the information without assistance. That’s when I decided to find a way to help other families. So, Senior Home Transitions was born.

As I’ve researched the senior care industry, I have discovered that there are many options we didn’t consider, simply because we didn’t know they existed. I have visited and inspected each and every senior care facility I recommend. I have also brought together many resources to help with finances, selling of personal property and homes, and other aspects that go along with this transition in life. The good news is, it can be a very pleasant and exciting new chapter in a senior’s life if approached with care!

You are not alone! We’re here to help you find the perfect fit for your loved one!