4600 Bowling Blvd. Louisville, KY 40207

Care Provided: Personal Care, Personal Care Memory Care

Belmont Village Senior Living St Matthews Louisville KY

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Social Activities Belmont - Personal Care, Louisville, KY
Daily Refreshments Belmont - Personal Care Memory Care, Louisville, KY

At Belmont Village St. Matthews, the wide variety of amenities ensures that all residents can enjoy an active, safe, and comforting life. With elegantly designed common areas and a technology center, you can always stay connected with friends and family. 

Located in the St. Matthews area and only minutes from Downtown Louisville, residents and their families can enjoy many local restaurants, shopping areas, and events. This facility also offers free scheduled daily transportation for those who want to explore the city. Don’t feel like going out? No problem. With many on-site activities and group meetings, there is always something to keep you entertained and engaged. 

With highly trained medical and support staff, you or your loved one will always have that right balance of service and support. 

Regardless if you need personal or memory care, anything and everything you need to enjoy life can be found at Belmont Village.

Let Patti help you determine if this community is right for you and your budget.

Amenities at Belmont Village

  • Chef-prepared dining with 24 daily choices
  • Bistro with daily refreshments
  • Professionally supervised fitness center
  • Fully-equipped salon with services for men and women
  • Social and enrichment activities
  • Medication management
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Studio and 1-bedroom residence plans
  • Housekeeping services
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Learning center with internet access
  • Three Meals per day Provided
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • On-site rehab therapy services available
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Free scheduled transportation daily
  • Activities On and Offsite
  • Devotional Services on and offsite
  • Vegetarian meals available
  • Physical Therapy gym onsite
  • Cats and Dogs allowed
  • Respite Offered
Community Staffing
  • Visiting Occupational Therapist
  • Visiting Physical Therapist
  • Visiting Speech Therapist
  • 24-Hour Awake Staff
  • Doctor on Call
  • Visiting Podiatrist
  • Licensed nurse and well-trained staff on-site 24/7
Payment Options
  • Medicare – No
  • Medicaid – No
  • Veterans Benefits – Yes
  • Long Term Care Insurance – Yes
  • Subsidy – No

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Reviews of Belmont Village

This is a very nice facility. It is nicely decorated. The food is amazing. The staff is very polite and attentive to those in the building.
Jodi Bohn
00:10 02 Feb 23
Wonderful building and staff. Very Compassionate. Great Dementia programming.
Jennifer B
19:00 01 Feb 23
I have loved working with the staff and residents at Belmont Villages. They provide a variety of opportunities for residents to engage in their community through volunteerism. To me, this shows how caring and compassionate the organization is.read more
Shelby Allen
18:43 01 Feb 23
Caring and loving staff members throughout the facility. Common living room by main entrance is beautiful and so homey. Lovely place overall!
Andrea Carter
22:41 06 Jan 23
All the staff is so welcoming. The residents seem very content.
Patrick/Barbara Gorman
20:18 06 Jan 23
Disappointed in the lack of nursing care and lack of attention to detail by management. Overall Belmont is just a social model and way overpriced for a social model. New admits are increasingly feeble and infirm. Residents need more attention to their grooming like shaving and combing hair.read more
Mary Stephens
13:34 20 Dec 22
Receptionist outstanding on making me and resident feel welcome by playing music and moving our chairs toward fireplace. She also talked with us and really listened.
Sandy Baker
14:13 04 Dec 22
You keep a very nice facility. The residents seemed to enjoy the musical entertainment, which I think is important, and I was happy to participate.
Rick Martin
11:08 22 Nov 22
What a nice facility and dog friendly…visited a friend’s Mom who moved in recently and was pleased that my therapy dog in training was welcomed with open arms by staff and residents. Will definitely be back and am glad that Louisville has such nice options for Senior Living!read more
Bob Goodknight
20:42 03 Oct 22
The prime reason this place is not doing so best on staff is because of the HR department. The HR assistant is extremely rude and unprofessional. The lack of communication and professionalism is extremely concerning. The management that is here is just as disrespectful. The way some of the workers talk to the residents and other staff members is concerning.read more
Elizabeth Longer
23:33 04 Jun 22
The environment of working here is unsafe. Management does not seem to really care about employees. The pay is decent for agency and we get treated very bad. The HR assistant only allows agency to work 1 day a week. Communication here is horrible. It’s to the point you have to show up in an office to get noticed. Things saw they will be addressed but it never does. Phone calls will get ignored. When you call you have someone that will say it’s a great place to live and work. It’s completely short staffed, and very rude people work here.read more
Elizabeth Longer
14:59 26 May 22
Needed to post this here because other sites refuse to take negative reviews.Very disappointing, as I am in love with the company itself and their values. I worked here for about 3 years and during my first year of employment I was promised that once I worked there for a year, that I would be able to move up within the company and train for a management position. After I brought it up again with management after my first year, they told me that suddenly I needed to finish my college degree before I could do the training. It was very discouraging as another employee with no college credentials began training for a management position shortly after I was rejected.This company strives for the well-being and comfort of it's residents and I really like the programs they provide for them. It is unlike other senior living facilities in the area. Belmont has unique standards for their resident's quality of life. It's just a shame that they do not have the same standards for their employees.In my three years at Belmont, I can only name a hand full of times I was able to use my PTO. Most of the time when you did request PTO, management would get very upset with you and act like you did something wrong. Also, it is required by law that employees have two 15 minute breaks. I never had one, ever.I felt that the management at Belmont was very unfair and borderline abusive. There were times when there was a staff meeting in our department, and the manager would call me out and embarrass me in front of my coworkers by asking me to explain very simple tasks step by step that require no explanation, like putting food on a plate in the dining room. It was very strange and uncomfortable. There were also times when I would receive texts from my manager simply stating, "We need to talk, come to my office immediately", and there was no explanation as to what it was about. I was not the only one that this happened to. It made me uncomfortable as it often felt like I was a bad kid being scolded by my parent, instead of it feeling like a work relationship between boss and employee. Another uncomfortable aspect of the meetings in particular was the fact that sometimes they would start talking about politics, bashing particular candidates, parties, and groups of people, which I felt was very discriminatory and inappropriate. Most of the time, I kept to myself if that ever became the topic of conversation, because I felt uncomfortable discussing those things in the workplace.I could list a million other things wrong with the way management treated the employees at Belmont, but then we would have an entire novel instead of a review. My advice to anyone wanting to work here: it is good work experience and the culture between coworkers and residents can be fun and uplifting. However, it is not a great long-term job. There is little to no room for advancement within the company, and expect management to take advantage of you over and over again.read more
Hopper Evans
16:25 11 Feb 22
Excellent staff who care about the residents' well being. The food served is better than 90% of the other senior living homes.
Gary O'Bryan
19:16 10 Jan 22
Belmont Village has been invaluable in helping my sister and I navigate the issues and situations that arise with aging parents. They consistently go above and beyond to work with us, keep us informed, and provide top notch care. Belmont Village has been wonderful to our mom and dad, and we are forever grateful!read more
Linda Spaulding
21:47 06 Jan 22
Excellent staff who care about the residents' well being. The food served is better than 90% of the other senior living homes.
Gary O'Bryan
15:53 05 Nov 21
Some poor communication upon move in regarding medications. Lack of email response to our emails to correct. Inconsistent on bi-weekly showers. Fabulous Circle of Friends program. Good job on meals. Excellent caring, kind staffread more
Jennie Heintzman
21:20 18 Jul 21
Belmont displays a beautiful, positive, caring environment for anyone interested in seeking care for their elderly relative—-However, it is a facade, only too often practiced by many “assisted living” and or nursing facilities! Patients are not well cared for, as there are only a handful of their “PALS”, ie: staff that actually care and are well trained. Poor and inconsistent management in training and policies, as well as following and enforcing those policies through protocols and procedures are on a need to know basis!Belmont’s patient mortality is rising and it isn’t due to the COVID pandemic!It is all about the money! Anyone who has ever had to face placing a loved one in this kind of facility is all too aware of the sticker shock cost of such care. Belmont professes to be an assisted living facility, but often their patients are in need of skilled nursing care around the clock. Routinely, it is covered up by the administration through well practiced semantics during the sales pitch as well as keeping the elderly gold mine as a resident! Yet, the high cost for residency does not trickle down to the “PALS”, ultimate caring staff! Bathing, changing, feeding, as well as maintaining patient’sQuarters is sadly less than the minimum wage. Not all who work in these facilities have the compassion for such work and it shows!BEWARE! Choosing Belmont, will surely be the last place your loved one will live—if they even survive!read more
RG Haucr0
18:23 25 Jun 21
I have been involved in Senior care professionally for Nine years. Belmont Village in the early days was the only PC around and I referred to them regularly. There were seniors in dire situations that I referred for placement and after a month follow up I can honestly say they saved their lives. So it’s very easy to say I have a soft spot for how they care for their residents. Excellent!read more
Tammy Kaninberg
20:52 08 Jun 21
Belmont Village is a wonderful senior living community in Louisville that provides fantastic care and has awesome staff! We are lucky to have Belmont here in our community.
Jackie Exum
13:09 28 May 21
I joined the Belmont Village team in January 2021. It has been a great place to work. Truly making a difference in the lives of seniors in the Louisville area!
Cristi Rucker
14:33 01 May 21
Very nice place, Mom loves it! Clean, good food, lots of activities provided by the best staff of activities people you could ask for! Even in these trying times, they have provided daily fun and educational projects that have kept my mom busy and smiling. She talks about the music all the time! We tried one other place in Louisville for about 3 months and they provided nothing for the residents to do but watch TV. So glad we chose to move to Belmont, closer to our home and I feel better about that! Read some of the bad reviews here and it did not make any sense... Why is somebody giving a bad review here because they did not get hired or because they did not like working there??? 5 Stars from my family!read more
Mouth of Sauron
15:49 30 Sep 20
This place has bed bugs!!!! I wouldn’t consider nobody putting their family there, they also neglect their residents.
Demarius Bowman
10:18 27 May 20
Rude management i wouldnt take my worst enemy there
Dawn Dunavin
01:17 29 Jan 20
Horrible assessment of my 80 year old father's needs. We needed to move him out after 2 weeks at their request because they were unable to take care of him. This is what a thorough assessment is supposed to avoid. FYI moving an 80 year old alzheimers patient so soon is devestating to their well being. Please do your homework folks. Patient care was not a priority here. The staff is very kind and was also put in a horrible position by their management.read more
Scott Tanner
22:26 02 Nov 19
good and friendly management
paul walberg
12:14 13 Oct 19
It's a Beautiful place , I really would've liked to work there as I applied, the supervisor of the department has met me before I was honest throughout the interview & she turns me down but you need people. It's ok though. The other staff are wonderful & so is Connie!.read more
Maria Johnson
19:00 08 Aug 19
I don't Kno anything about the place
Lawrence Abney
23:57 21 Jul 19
From what I've seen it's a nice place. It's clean has servers good food. The staff is friendly and helpful. Most of the residents like it there.
David Lott
14:14 07 Apr 19
I work here and love the area!
Destiny Brown
00:43 19 Feb 19
Upscale senior living community that I am fortunate enough 2 do alot the moving work for
Casey Payne
09:50 24 Jan 19
Decent care
Galen Lowrey
03:00 05 Jan 19
Great facility with great staff.
Desmond Crenshaw
03:31 15 Dec 18
Nice place but don't have info about cost
John Grammer
02:45 11 Nov 18
Not what it appears to be
Ryan Mudd
21:17 24 Oct 18
Nate and Kyle were terrific! I was in a pinch trying to move my parents within four days. The store manager was kind and very accommodating. I would highly suggest this Mattresss Firm location.
Valerie Hammett
19:34 27 Aug 18
Beautiful place, very well kept, with a friendly staff.
Jessica Frazier - Pro Quality Imaging, LLC
16:51 25 Aug 18
Clean facility. Excellent security
Laura Meisner
00:58 10 May 18
Really nice place clean and very friendly staff
Tim Donan
19:46 13 Jan 18
My Dad has been a resident at Belmont Village St. Matthews since September 2015. We were so relieved to find such a warm, inviting community for Dad. Unlike his life before Belmont, I now never have to worry about his safety or comfort. Dad enjoys three delicious meals every day and has supportive activities to help him.read more
Freddie Claypool
01:03 23 Feb 16

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