211 West Oak Street Louisville, KY 40203

Care Provided: Independent Living, Personal Care

Treyton Oak Towers Louisville KY

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Treyton Oaks Towers offers independent living and personal care. Treyton Oaks desires to provide a carefree and comfortable environment for each of their residents along with providing opportunities to make new friends and explore new interests.

Amenities and services include: 24-hour emergency nursing service, 24-hour security, daily well-being checks, continental breakfast, fine dining in the Fleur de Lis Dining Room by their chef, prompt and courteous maintenance personnel, wellness center featuring exercise equipment, lockers, showers and dressing area, fitness and exercise program, aquatic therapy program, daily activities planned by their Director of Activities, convenience market open Monday through Friday 10:00 am to noon, library with computer stations, game rooms and large screen TV, full service salon with manicurist, guest rooms, rooftop deck and greenhouse, onsite dentist, massage suite; masseuse available onsite, free WiFi, and bank branch with ATM.

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Amenities at Treyton Oaks

  • Beautician Onsite
  • Devotional Services Offsite
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Activities Onsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Property Convenient to Busline
  • Resident Parking Available
Community Staffing
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Visiting Dentist
  • 24-Hour Awake Staff
Payment Options
  • Medicare – No
  • Medicaid – No
  • Veterans Benefits – Yes
  • Long Term Care Insurance – Yes
  • Subsidy – No

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Reviews of Treyton Oaks

I was absolutely amazed at all the areas here! They have a staff that is like family and friendly! Residents have lots of things to do without leaving their home! Fantastic food, a great variety to choose from! Clean and emaculant place to call home!read more
Theresa Myers
19:40 17 Dec 21
Treyton Oak Towers is a wonderful place for current and future residents the building and resident floors are very clean and well kept by the cleaning staff at all time's. The chef's and kitchen staff take pride in providing excellent service and meals for their residents and security has a strong presence to ensure the safety of their valued residents at all times. Overall this is a place I would highly recommend if you are searching for a Senior Living Independent Community were staff & administration take pride in the service they provide for their residents!!!read more
Derek McClellon
19:33 17 Dec 21
They have roaches Badly and mouses roaches climbing on silverware food I have pictures save your love ones
05:28 10 Dec 21
A lovely facility with kind people working there. But beware of the sales people and the Endowment Program. They signed my 94 year old mother up for a $96,400.00 "Endowment" program and played on her fears to keep her from taking advice advice from friends and family. They sold her a place on their long term care floor that they never even showed her. After her death less than two years later we recouped $20,000. But they kept $74,000 her money.If your loved one is at all vulnerable I would look elsewhere.read more
Todd Lewis
18:32 27 May 21
My mom has been an independent living resident in the Treyton Oak Towers community for 5 1/2 years. It has been great for her as she is so involved with activities, working in the resident store, volunteering on the freight elevator on moving days and so much more. Even more, her children are so relieved and happy to know she is in such caring and attentive hands. I am so grateful and thankful for the amazing staff and look forward to many more lively years for my mom.read more
Patricia Fuller
21:41 12 May 21
Both my mother and mother-in-law live at TOT. They have had a wonderful experience in their 5 years there. My mother- in-law often remarks how it "feels like family". The staff truly care about the residents. Would recommend TOT to anyone looking for a vibrant and safe senior living community.read more
John Smith
20:46 12 May 21
My mom has been at Treyton Oak for the last ten years or so. My family is so thankful that she is in such a wonderful, caring environment. My mom is 100 years old and still lives in her own apartment. Covid has brought a lot of challenges, but TOT has handled the situation well and kept my mom safe.The employees like Ray, La Rita and many others are very friendly. The physical facility is beautiful and well kept. It’s not at all like a nursing home. The dining room is beautiful and the food is very good. The outdoor space is also lovely. So glad we made the right choice when we chose Treyton Oak Towers.read more
Carol Medley
12:09 08 May 21
My mom has resided at TOT for over three years. Seldom does a day go by that she does not remark on how pleased she is to be living there. She is particularly enamored of the friendly staff.
Annie Herbert
20:26 07 May 21
My mom resides at Treyton Oaks Towers and we feel blessed to have her there. She lives the staff, social events and care she receives. She currently is in independent living but it is good to know that no matter her level of care TOT can meet the challenge. When we visit the staff is friendly and extremely helpful. We hosted her 80th birthday party a few years ago there and it was fabulous. The care and concern through COVID was exceptional. Thank you for your christian attitude, patience and family centered living environment.read more
Cheryl Matthews
15:21 07 May 21
Treyton Oak Towers has to be one of the most wonderful places I've ever worked at. The staff here are so dedicated to creating a lively atmosphere and a welcoming and comforting experience for all to enjoy, and every one of the residents who reside here all have interesting stories to tell and an endless reserve of talent to share. Artists, woodworkers, writers, & doctors are just a few examples of the amazing myriad of people who call Treyton Oak Towers home. would recommend this place to any person interested in a luxury inspired senior living community in Louisville Kentucky! The best views I've ever seen of Louisville's skyline is right here from the rooftop deck area. It really has a special charm.read more
Shaun Christopher
17:09 17 Feb 21
This is a wonderful place to be every single day. The staff do a tremendous job of keeping everyone safe during COVID-19, the residents who live here are a delight and the building is one of the coolest places I've ever worked in; something new seems to be happening here every single day.read more
Shaun Christopher
16:39 29 Jan 21
Good place to be. All the convenience of home. Come see us!
David Frank
14:25 29 Jan 21
Wow!! Living at Treyton Oak Towers has been an amazing experience. The staff is super friendly. Every staff member seems to know every resident by name. The food is outstanding with a great variety of offerings beginning with a combination hot and continental breakfast followed by lunch and dinner offerings with at least 3 entrees and multiple sides and desserts at each setting. Housekeeping has been wonderful. Today at least 95% of the staff and residents were vaccinated for Covid 19. To me that demonstrates how much the Staff and management care about those of us who live here.read more
Bob Van Bruggen
18:13 16 Jan 21
A beautiful place with caring staff.I highly recommend Treyton Oak Towers if you are looking for a 5 star retirement community.
Karen Wihlon
15:38 17 Aug 20
Treyton Oak Towers is one of my favorite places in the world. The staff is unwavering in their kindness, both to residents and visitors. They hold unique events that bring the residents together, and the community alike. I would not hesitate to feel confident in their care, patience, and kindness (also bingo is a great time)!read more
Kyla Michelle Dawson-Harding
15:31 22 Jul 20
I was fortunate enough to have my mother reside at Treyton Oak Towers for several years. She resided in Personal Care as well as Skilled Nursing until she passed away. The love, care and compassion she and our family received cannot be conveyed via this post. You have to experience it to understand. I highly recommend this community and it's loving staff.read more
Mark Flowers
00:10 22 Jul 20
No better place to work or live in Louisville. Amazing people, fun activities, smiles everywhere. Great employees that love and care for all the wonderful residents that live and stay at Treyton Oaks.
Leilani Krause
12:10 05 Jul 20
Treyton Oak Towers is the best place I have ever worked! Awesome teamwork! Beautiful atmosphere! And the residents are wonderful!
Chris Maddox
13:59 24 Jun 20
Friendly professional caring place for senior retirees with a large variety of activities and amenities.
Donald Hixon
23:21 04 Nov 19
Treyton Oak Towers are well managed, clean, well decorated and cozy. The security is good and the staff is helpful.
Chris Flaherty
15:12 14 Sep 19
My mom was there for a couple weeks. Their staff are terrific. They took good care of her. Anytime there was a problem they either called me or talked to me when I was there about it.
midwest product reviews
17:33 16 Jun 19
The best, Best, BEST experience! My husband recently had a spinal cord injury when a tree fell on his head, breaking his neck. We needed a place close to Frazier where he attends daily therapy and also the support of having cleaning, cooking and everything else (one doesn't need on their list when caring 24/7 for someone) done. Treyton Oak Towers is that place! 100% satisfied. It's not just everything you need but everything you need is delivered with just love from the heart. People here are extraordinarily happy. We're wondering how we got so lucky. Thank you to everyone here for making our recovery from a terrible tragedy into a happy time of life!read more
Virginia Seno
17:22 24 May 19
Nice caring staff and many smart elderly folks to hang out with.
Craig Kaviar
21:12 03 May 19
Nice caring staff and many smart elderly folks to hang out with.
Craig Kaviar
21:12 03 May 19
A beautiful set of homes and facilities with a caring staff and fun residents. Everyone here is committed to making each day feel more like a resort vacation that includes top-notch arts and entertainment concerts and activities!read more
Elizabeth Batton Sorenson
21:53 03 Mar 19
I stayed at Treyton Oak Towers about August 13th- Sept 3rd, 2nd floor.. Although in pain from my knee replacement. I enjoyed my stay. From Phyllis at the nurses Station, to LPN Sara, to Physical Therapist, to cna Ms G to Patrice in Housekeeping. I was treated very kind & professional.. Food was great also, my room kept clean. Thank you all so very much.. 🙏Ms Camille Goreread more
Helena Gore
21:52 15 Jan 19
Some of the Professional Staff turned put to be not so PROFESSIONAL AT ALL I LATER!...
Shirley Arvin
18:07 14 Jan 19
My 92 year old mother spent the last six months of her life at Treyton Oaks. I cannot say enough good things about this facility. It is clean, beautifully decorated, and the second floor nursing staff was like family. Mike, Kathy, Tiffany, and Miss Phyllis we're wonderful!Mom passed away Christmas Eve 2018 in hospice. Thank you TOT staff for taking such good care of her. 💖read more
Angela Allen
19:42 03 Jan 19
Professional Staff, need help though, clean,great food, pleasant atmosphere, no odors, pvt pay rooms are beautifully designed decor with handicap accessible showers/ bathrooms..Highly Recommended by me
Shirley Arvin
23:25 27 Dec 18
Poor attitude of the aids, rude and lacking any training you push the button and wait for an hour for anyone to come see what you might need.Then they ask what is the problem now. The majority of the nurses are good and compassionate. The food sucks. No way around it, it is not any good, none of it. The building is very nice but some of the employees need to learn how to deal with people. I would not recommend this place to anyone. Not happy with attitudes. If they are working in this field they should be here for the love of it not just a paycheck.read more
Rhonda Banks
23:39 17 Oct 18
Great place to work with super team players in the work place.
Lorinda Watkins
03:46 04 Jul 18
I worked there several years ago and I felt it was an amazing place to work. The employees were professional and very caring. I was an LPN there in the beginning of my career on the healthcare unit. It was a beautiful environment with a very positive environment for staff and residentsread more
Teresa Gribbins
22:20 19 Apr 18
My mother was there for 8 years and the employees stole all of her jewelry Filled with thieves. Stay away!
Kevin Shearer
05:02 11 Jan 18
I stayed at Treyton Oak Towers about August 13th- Sept 3rd, 2nd floor.. Although in pain from my knee replacement. I enjoyed my stay. From Phyllis at the nurses Station, to LPN Sara, to Physical Therapist, to cna Ms G to Patrice in Housekeeping. I was treated very kind & professional.. Food was great also, my room kept clean. Thank you all so very much.. Ms Camille Goreread more
Helena Gore
23:14 14 Oct 17

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