Finding A Senior Living Community On Your Own vs Using Senior Placement Services

Chances are, the last time you needed to replace your HVAC system you hired a professional HVAC contractor. By the same token, the last time you bought a house you used a realtor. You don’t just wander the streets hoping to find the exactly what you are looking, and you didn’t walk into your home negotiation by yourself. Realtors and other industry professionals provide guidance, expertise, and inside information. We provide that same service for helping seniors looking for a living community Trying to gather all the needed information to make an informed decision [...]

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When Is It Time For Assisted Living: How To Talk To Your Parents About Senior Care

There comes a time when the roles of parent and child are flipped. When children are now adult caregivers and their parents are now childlike seniors. For every family, that flip comes at a different time and in a different way. Sometimes the changes are subtle and slow. Other times the shift happens all at once as the result of a medical diagnosis or condition. Talking with your parents about their when is it time for assisted living should start early. The conversation is always easier before their medical needs make it a necessity [...]

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Senior Life Care Planning in Louisville, KY

As you age, senior life care planning seems to bring up more questions than answers. If you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic illness or disability, trying to plan for the future may feel paralyzing. Senior life care planning is about thinking and planning for your future with intention. It’s about making decisions that will serve you and your family best. It’s about maintaining control of your life and your future throughout your golden years. What is Life Care Planning? The goal of senior life care planning is to promote and maintain your health, safety [...]

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20 Tips For Talking To A Parent With Dementia or Alzheimer’s

People who suffer from Dementia or Alzheimer’s often have trouble reasoning or expressing their thoughts and emotions making it difficult for them to communicate with others. It is important to know how to talk and communicate to loved ones with Dementia or Alzheimer’s so they do not become frustrated or angered and you can stay calm.We have put together a list of several helpful tips that you can use to help Dementia or Alzheimer’s sufferers communicate better.Tips To Talking To A Parent With Dementia or Alzheimer’s1. Be patient and supportiveIt’s important that the person knows [...]

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10 Fun-Filled Activities for Seniors in Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati is a beautiful city with plenty to offer visitors both young and old. It’s important to provide a wide range of activities for seniors and offerings that are interesting to them and comfortably accessible. Even for seniors who have trouble moving around, are hard of hearing, or are living at a one of the many senior living communities in Cincinnati, OH, it’s important to get out and enjoy being outside and visiting their own city. Whether you’re looking to spend a few hours together, or a full day out on the town, there’s [...]

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