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Senior Home Transitions – Memory Care Series

Hello: This is an intro to a series on Memory Care. Topics covered include: * Dementia - Maybe it's time to consider an assisted living or memory care? * Memory Care Placement - Evaluating a Memory Care Facility * Homecare - Activites for Home Care Assistance     About Senior Home Transitions - I recently did the math, and we've helped more than 500 families find the right situation for their senior loved one! What a legacy...I have a wall of thank you notes from families who were overwhelmed by the process of finding assisted [...]

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Am I eligible for VA Aid and Attendance Benefits to help pay for care or assisted living?

Am I eligible for VA Aid and Attendance Benefits to help pay for care or assisted living? The VA Aid and Attendance Benefit is available to veterans and their surviving spouses if the veteran served at least 90 days active duty, one day during wartime. They could have served anywhere, not necessarily at the place of war, just during that time. If the person needing the benefit is a surviving spouse, they qualify if there was not a divorce or marriage after the death of the veteran. There are financial considerations to be met also. [...]

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When is it time and where do we go?

Assisted living facilities cater to elderly residents who need help with daily tasks, such as bathing and dressing. They are not independent enough to live in retirement communities, but don’t need round-the-clock nursing care yet.  Finding the right place requires time, patience and a research. You  want to visit several facilities, talk to staff and residents at each one, and check public records to find out which facilities might have violated codes governing cleanliness or patient care. Figuring out when someone needs assisted living is no easy task, either. But there are common themes. At some [...]

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Will I have to place my loved one in senior care against his wishes?

Even if this is not a current consideration, it’s a very important question to keep in mind if you or your loved one is showing any signs of dementia. The transition into a memory care facility can be the most emotionally difficult decision to make – and preparation helps. Typically, it is a family member making the decision for a loved one, and unfortunately it is often against their wishes. With cases of dementia and Alzheimer’s, the family member responsible for placing them may undergo much emotional distress in having to deal with their loved one as [...]

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When should I consider senior living for my parents?

There comes a time in the adult lives of Louisville children and their parents when it dawns on you that you might have to step in and begin having a more active role in your parent’s lives, not as a child but as a caregiver. For every family, that time seems to come as a shock. It’s strange because we all see reports on television about the transition that we go through when the parent becomes the dependent one and the child becomes the boss in the relationship. And the hardest part of that transition [...]

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