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9 Steps to Reverse Dementia and Memory Loss as You Age

By Mark Hyman, MD, from his blog  RECENTLY, I SPOKE on a panel for PBS TV at the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) convention in Boston. The topic was dementia. There was a woman with mild cognitive impairment on the panel. Her condition is sort of like pre-Alzheimer’s disease. Everyone on the panel — including the Harvard neurologist — agreed that memory loss is NOT a normal part of aging. The sad part was that the panel didn’t have much to offer people in the way of prevention. Their only solution was just a very [...]

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From sleep to stress, lifestyle changes may guard aging brain against Alzheimer’s

By LAURAN NEERGAARD, AP Medical Writer WASHINGTON (AP) — The latest Alzheimer's research has a clear theme: Change your lifestyle to protect your brain. It will take several years for scientists to prove whether some experimental drugs could at least delay Alzheimer's disease, and an aging population is at risk now. Whatever happens on the drug front, there are generally healthy everyday steps people can take — from better sleep to handling stress to hitting the books — that research suggests just might lower the risk of Alzheimer's. Making these lifestyle changes "looks more promising [...]

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Has Stanford University found a cure for Alzheimer’s disease?

By Sarah Knapton, Science Editor, The Telegraph A drug which boosts the brain's immune response may prevent or cure Alzheimer's disease, scientists believe Alzheimer's could be prevented and even cured by boosting the brain's own immune response, scientists at Stanford University believe. Researchers discovered that nerve cells die because cells which are supposed to clear the brain of bacteria, viruses and dangerous deposits, stop working. These cells, called 'microglia' function well when people are young, but when they age, a single protein called EP2 stops them operating efficiently. Now scientists have shown that blocking the [...]

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Music can bring life to those with Dementia or Alzheimer’s

As most who work with seniors suffering from dementia know, music can be used to soothe and at times bring a reaction from almost catatonic patients. I recently watched a documentary on dementia patients and how music specific to their listening habits during youth can bring them back to life! I was astonished. It was heartwarming watching these seniors brighten up! One gentleman, Henry, sat with his head lowered and barely grunted in response to questions. When they put earphones on him that were playing the music he loved as a younger man, he sat [...]

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Tips for Finding Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s Disease is a devastating disease, not only for the person afflicted, but also for the family who is losing a loved one day by day. My father was a very successful business man, great dad and husband. He was diagnosed when he was about 83, and slowly digressed to the stage where he had an urgent need to “go”. He had no place in mind, just needed to go. At about 5 pm everyday, he would become another person. He had hallucinations, delusions and eventually became aggressive because he believed someone was trying to [...]

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