Using a senior placement service is the only way to find the best community in Louisville, KY for your needs.

Chances are, the last time you needed to replace your HVAC system you hired a professional HVAC contractor. By the same token, the last time you bought a house you used a realtor. You don’t just wander the streets hoping to find the exactly what you are looking, and you didn’t walk into your home negotiation by yourself. Realtors and other industry professionals provide guidance, expertise, and inside information. We provide that same service for helping seniors looking for a living community

Trying to gather all the needed information to make an informed decision on your own is nearly impossible. There are just too many things to consider and there are so many facilities to choose from. Trying to tour each one, ask the right questions, narrowing down the options, and making a final choice would give anyone a headache. That’s where we come in.

We make the process of transitioning into senior living easy and comfortable. We understand this isn’t just about an individual transition, but is often a family transition as well. We work with the whole family to find the perfect fit.

Choosing a Senior Community Yourself: Not The Best Idea

The first in a long line of decisions is to choose which type of senior living community is best for you or your loved one. There are three main types of senior communities:

  1. Independent Living: This is a community for seniors who live independently and can care for themselves on their own. There are still amenities and services on property, but the residents remain completely independent.
  2. Assisted Living: This community provides help with daily tasks, hygiene, meals, and medical needs. Assisted living is best for residents who can no longer live independently on their own and need assistance on a daily basis.
  3. Personal Care: This community provides the same help as Assisted Living, however they also have nurses on staff who can see to more medical needs such as diabetic care, oxygen management, and administer medications that are taken as needed, for example.
  4. Memory Care: Those living with dementia or Alzheimer’s require specific needs and specialized care. Facilities that cater to these residents are similar to assisted living, but provide an extra level of service and amenities that are critical to residents that need memory care.

Personal Factors to Consider When Selecting A Senior Community

Next, it’s time to determine the individual requirements and preferences of the resident to determine which specific senior community is best. Just a few of the factors to consider include the following:

  • Health requirements of the resident including their current and possible future needs.
  • Level of medical attention needed to monitor any current or possible future diagnosis.
  • Physical capabilities of the resident and daily help they may need to perform basic functions.
  • Social preferences of whether they prefer to be independent or whether they’d like opportunities to socialize with others.
  • Location is an important consideration for family and friends to be able to visit if and when they are able. In addition, some residents prefer an environment where they can be outside, take walks, tend to a garden, etc.
  • Cost is an important consideration for both the resident and the entire family.

Finding a community with everything you want and nothing you don’t is like trying to buy a home by tossing a pin at a map. Senior Home Transitions takes the time to get to know the resident, their spouse, family, and helps you to find a home that is the perfect fit for everyone involved.

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Living Facility

This is not a time in life when you can afford to make a poor choice. It’s important to get it right the first time and too often people make mistakes when they are trying to make this decision on their own.Avoid these mistakes when selecting a senior living community in Louisville, KY.

  1. They choose a community that fits their needs and not their loved ones: A community that has a heated pool, a grand foyer, and beautiful chandeliers looks like a place you might love to live, but it might not be the best option for mom who lived a simple life and has no interest in swimming.
  2. They choose a community that does not fully meet their loved ones needs: It’s important to consider the resident’s needs today – not the person they used to be. You may assume a location near a golf course would be great for your golf-loving father, but if he can no longer play that location may be more painful than joyful.
  3. People assume communities with luxury names, high ratings, and high prices are the better option: Bigger is not always better. Sometimes the best fit is a smaller, community-style living situation. Don’t be swayed by fancy marketing and inflated ratings. You may see that one community has an overall 5 star rating but it could have a low score in pain management. Senior Home Transitions knows each community inside and out so you can know what’s really worth it, and what is not.
  4. Making a rash decision: Sometimes people get frustrated with the endless process of finding the perfect place and just make a rash decision. This is almost always inevitable if you’re trying to go it alone, and it rarely ends up being the best choice.
  5. They don’t read the fine print: Be sure to read every word so you know about pricing structure, community charges, personal care fees and other care costs that may not be evident upfront.
  6. They choose proximity as the most important deciding factor: Of course you want your loved one to be close to you, but that might not be what is best for them. While you intend to visit every day, that may be unrealistic and finding a community that allows them to thrive, even if it’s a few extra miles away, may be a much better fit.
  7. There are also communities that look wonderful on the surface, but how do you know if they are really doing a good job? The salesperson is certainly not going to tell you about their issues.

There are many things to consider when choosing an appropriate Senior Living Community. Fortunately, we have many fine options for Senior Living in Louisville, Kentucky. However, what’s best for some individuals, may not be for others. Therefore, it’s nice to have some inside knowledge. That’s where using a senior living placement service comes in handy.

Benefits of Using a Senior Living Placement Service

If you are a child of a senior, gathering all the necessary information, making phone calls, and listening to countless sales pitches requires an obscene amount of your time. Add that to the responsibilities to the myriad of other areas in your life, and it’s a lot to handle on your own.

Of course you love your parents, and want to care for them, but the added pressure of finding the right place for their final years is unnecessary. A qualified professional can step in and help both you, and your parents, to make this transition with ease. You can have the benefit of someone who understands the proper questions to ask, the ins and outs of each community, and what the current status, benefits, and “population” is like.

There are many benefits in using a Senior Living Placement Service including:

  • Easy access to community information including things that you may not think to acquire like pricing variables, occupancy rates, number of residents, resident to staff ratios, proximity to hospitals, family reviews, and resident complaints.
  • Negotiation on rates and help to determine the level of care you require.
  • Decreases the number of walk through tours to only those that are of interest to you.
  • Keeps your information confidential to prevent an onslaught of sales calls and pressure you get when you go to large national websites like “A Place for Mom”
  • Help you understand what you can afford and how to maximize care within your budget.

When you use Patti Naiser’s placement services, you get all these benefits plus several additional benefits that you only get with Patti and her staff.

Additional Benefits of Using Senior Home Transitions

We Are Local: Several national companies claim to offer senior living placement, but they don’t live here. I do and my staff does. They don’t inspect every single community. We do. They don’t have close relationships and aren’t privy to recent developments, and we have all of that.

Patti Naiser is the best Senior Living Placement Consultant in Louisville KY.

Our 100% FREE Service: There are no gimmicks, no fine print, no strings attached. Our sole purpose is to match you with the best community for your needs and budget at no cost to you.

Resident Advocate: We have a long standing relationship with the facilities in and around the Louisville, KY area, including Southern Indiana. If we think something ought to be changed that could benefit the residents, then we will work hard to see those changes through.

We do the majority of senior placements in town, so we have a lot of pull. Because of this, the communities care about our opinion. If there is a community that is going downhill, we will tell them the complaints we have been hearing and what they need to do to change it. Some do, some don’t, but we stay plugged in so we know who is doing a good job or not.

Follow-Up Care: Once you find your perfect placement, we will check in on you to ensure you are still happy with the community and see if there are any issues that have come up that we could help correct.

We Are Family: We won’t place anyone in a community we don’t believe in. The philosophy at Senior Home Transitions is “creating a happy ending,” you will not be placed into a senior community that we do not stand behind. If we wouldn’t place our own families there, we will not recommend it to you.

We Will Work For Your Happiness

Creating a Happy Ending is what we’re all about! Senior Home Transitions with Patti Naiser is referred to by more healthcare professionals (and used by them for their own families!) than any other referral service.

Our knowledge of the market, communities, and how to make a smooth transition is unsurpassed. Senior Home Transitions has helped over 600 families in the Louisville, KY area find the perfect home for their loved one.

When you are ready to begin the process, do yourself a favor and setup a meeting with Senior Home Transitions. It won’t take long and will save you ample time and money as you find the best place for your loved one.